❕ During weekends we have 30% buff to XP, Materials and Yen along with discount on spins for yen.

👿 Welcome to Project Ghoul, it is a game inspired by the famous series, Tokyo Ghoul.

❔ Choose your path as a Ghoul, a humanoid species that are only able to feed on the flesh of humans and other ghouls. Or as CCG, a federal agency that serves as criminal investigator in cases connected to Ghoul and serves justice.

🎮 Controls 🎮
Left Mouse Button = Attack
F / Left Trigger = Block
E / Bottom DPad = Equip Quinque/Kagune
R / Right DPad = Kakuja
H / Left DPad = Arata Equip | Mask Equip
Ctrl / WW / Left Stick = Run
Q / Right Bumper = Dash
Skills = Z / Button X | X / Button Y | C / Button B [Go to "Menu" then "Controls."]

⚠️ Note: The game is still under development, we are adding more features and content in the future. things you see ingame right now, might be changed or removed.

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What is the official link for this game?

The link is https://roblox.com/games/4689179508

How do I play this Roblox game?

Click on the Play button on the left of this page. You will be redirected to the official Roblox site page for this game. Click the play button there and then the game will launch inside the Roblox game launcher!

Is this Roblox game Online Now?

The Project Ghoul game has a great connection as of the 25 of Sep at 09:26 EST, 2022.

What kind of game is this?

This roblox game has been categorized into these type(s): Misc. Last updated on the 25 of Sep at 09:26 EST, 2022

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