The long-awaited November colony update is finally here!
-Colony research can now be increased by placing Research Modules.
-The following new colony modules have been added:
•Astrometrics Center
•Drone Launch Platform
•Drone Control Module
•Tower Module
•Space Elevator
-Strikecraft dogfights gain a new dimension of possible tactics in the form of high alpha maneuvers
-Custom user keybinds have been added. Keys can be rebound in the settings menu

Explore and discover the expanse of space with over 50 ships across a huge procedurally generated solar system. Build sprawling colonies and massive space stations, coordinate with friends as you crew a ship, or battle in colossal warships. Private server owners can use admin commands (type '@commands' in chat for a full list) and use special admin ships in their private servers. No exp is awarded in private servers.

What is the official link for this game?

The link is

How do I play this Roblox game?

Click on the Play button on the left of this page. You will be redirected to the official Roblox site page for this game. Click the play button there and then the game will launch inside the Roblox game launcher!

Is this Roblox game Online Now?

The [COLONY UPDATE] STARBASE game has a great connection as of the 28 of Nov at 10:54 EST, 2022.

What kind of game is this?

This roblox game has been categorized into these type(s): SciFi. Last updated on the 28 of Nov at 10:54 EST, 2022

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